Miles & Gurulmundi Wildflower Tour

Go wildflower spotting throughout Miles and Gurulmundiโ€™s serene landscape

Start off your Miles and Gurulmundi wildflower tour at Dogwood Crossing in Miles, taking the Dogwood Creek Walking Track to see its abundant flora and fauna, then head towards Gurulmundi for its bountiful wildflowers. Continue on to the Sibelco Bentonite mine and the nearby Y road intersection (follow the wildflower sign) where youโ€™ll be able to admire the local wildflowers and read up on their varieties. The tour continues on if you wish to keep following along! 

Wildflower Tour in the Western Downs

Tour information/where to book

The Western Downs has some special places where you can experience the natural wonder of native plants and wildflowers in bloom, particularly following the first Spring rains in September. Why not venture off the highway and immerse yourself in the true heart of the Western Downs.

For your safety, we recommend a high-clearance vehicle, SUV, all-wheel and four-wheel vehicles, as you will be travelling on unsealed and dirt roads through State Forestry.

Self-drive (visit the Visitor Information Centre for more info or download the Western Downs app).

Read the Miles & Gurulmundi Wildflower Trail brochure for more information.

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