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Jandowae Dam

The Western Downs flourishes in all things community, culture, industry and events and Jandowae is the prime showcase for our region’s best bits. The little country town may be smaller than some, but we can assure you it’s heart of gold provides a warm country atmosphere and plenty to do for the whole family.

Just over three hours’ drive west of Brisbane, Jandowae is well worth the visit so we’ve put together some of our favourite experiences for your next stay. 

1. Check out one of the longest fences in the world

Ever heard of the Dingo Barrier Fence? It’s the second longest man-made structure in the world stretching 5,641km and starts in our little town of Jandowae. The fence is a real bucket list item and the perfect place to start exploring. For more information and easy directions, download the brochure here.

dingo fence
Image by: Media Mortar

2. Snap a selfie with the Dingo Sculpture

If for some reason you’re having trouble finding the fence, our two-metre tall Dingo Sculpture will help you out. The sculpture was created by Scottish artist Andy Scott and commemorates the start of the Dingo Barrier Fence, making it the perfect selfie spot to #experienceWesternDowns.

3. Step into history at Athlone Cottage

Athlone Cottage is a historical slab hut built around the 1890s and has since been beautifully restored into a history buff must-see, thanks to the hands of some wonderful volunteers. The cottage shares its space on the heritage precinct with the first school in the area, a cream room and shearer’s quarters.

Athlone Cottage

4. Experience Timbertown

Jandowae is home to one of the region’s most popular events, Jandowae Timbertown Festival. A major event for everyone, the festival celebrates the town’s history and outback culture and is set to excite with woodchopping events, market stalls and the most colourful parade around. The brand new Timbertown Tree sculpture in Central Park is a symbol for the town’s history and the iconic festival making it a definite photo stop!

5. Take a walk through town

Enjoy a wander around town to view some of the original local buildings, such as the Memorial Hall, Catholic Church, and the Stationmaster’s house.

6. Learn about the famous Jandowae Light Horse Brigade

Dive even deeper into Jandowae’s history and discover more about the iconic Jandowae Light Horse Brigade at the Jandowae Community and Cultural Centre (located on George Street). The centre showcases trophies and memorabilia from the brigade that became famous in 1929 after winning three consecutive interstate competitions.

7. Step into the shoes of a local war Veteran at Trumpeters’ Corner

Trumpeters’ Corner is now a peaceful commemorative offering an insight into the historic stories of the 21 World War II Veterans who drew Soldier Settlement blocks in the area. After World War II, the Veterans drew their land ballots and were soon known for spinning a yarn at the pub and ‘blowing their own trumpets’, thus becoming ‘the Trumpeters’. They were icons of the community and we still celebrate and remember them today.

Trumperters Corner

8. Chase the painted power poles

If you’ve seen photos of Jandowae, you’ve probably noticed a brightly painted power pole or two. Painted Power Pole Walk runs through High Street and George Street and brings the town alive with colour. The power poles were painted by local Western Downs artist Graeme McCullough and feature all things Jandowae – community spirit, town history, country lifestyle and even a little humour. A leisurely stroll after the power poles is guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. 

Painted power pole

9. Visit one of the biggest renewable energy projects

You can’t visit the Energy Capital of Queensland (yep, that’s us) without checking out one of the region’s renewable projects, so a visit to Cooper’s Gap Wind Farm should be a definite on your itinerary. The wind farm was one of our latest renewable projects and is situated just down the road from Jandowae at Cooranga North. It’s currently the largest in Australia boasting 123 turbines.

10. Now sit back and relax at Jandowae Dam

After taking in the sights of the town, Jandowae Dam is the perfect relaxation spot. Imagine overlooking the water, under the big skies of the Western Downs – talk about serenity! Camping isn’t permitted at the dam however it’s a local favourite for an afternoon of fishing or birdwatching. If you’re a skier – it’s the spot to check out, as water skiing is permitted when water levels are at the right height.

Jandowae Dam

If that’s not enough to keep you busy, we don’t know what is. We promise a visit to Jandowae is the refreshing break everyone needs, and we guarantee you’ll leave with full hearts (and probably a bigger camera roll). 

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